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Tis The Season

Well everyone the holiday season is upon us, there is no better time to enjoy your hot tub with family and friends. It is the time of year we host parties and have numerous house guests, what better way to be the perfect host but treating your guests to a relaxing hot tub. Enjoy SpaScents Apple Cinnamon while soaking away the holiday stresses and invoke memories of past seasons. But let’s not forget about being a thoughtful guest to those parties.... there is nothing better than showing up with a gift that everyone can enjoy.

Not quite sure what to get the hot tub aficionado in your family, well let me suggest a gift pack from SpaScents. We have two gift packs available each with six different SpaScents 85g sample packs giving your loved one’s variety and taking the pressure off you by not having to select the perfect SpaScent for that person. Short on stocking stuffer's.... well there is nothing like receiving Spascents, alleviate that holiday stress by soaking it away with scents like Spearmint Eucalyptus or calming Lavender.

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