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SpaScents Hot Tub & Bath Fragrance

Our NEW Resort line offers you 4 new aromatherapy scents

 Serenity with a clear airy aroma with just a subtle hint of rain. 

Retreat from the day to day with the aroma of Sage and Chamomile with a light woody and fresh green scent.


Invigorate your senses with the resinous herbal spiked aroma with a hint of mint.

Revitalize your soul with hints of Patchouli, amber and musk.

Spascents hot tub & bath fragrance resort line Retreat, invigorate, serenity, revitalize

SpaScent favorites

Scents After Dark
Spascents Hot Tub & Bath Fragrance 

Our Scents After Dark line is exotic and seductive which will stimulate your senses and intrigue your mind.  

Spascents hot tub & bath fragrance Scents After Dark Naked in the woods, lick me all over, full moon, skinny dippin
Spascents hot tub & bath fragrace best selling fragrance Butt Naked

SpaScents Best Seller

Butt Naked, the sweet fruity scents of watermelon and cherry lead the way with a hint of vanilla to calm and relax you as it leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized is our best selling spa fragrance

Enhance your enjoyment

Enjoy the relaxing, refreshing,and soothing effects of SpaScents Hot Tub & Bath Fragrance Epsom Salt based crystals, our aromatherapy liquids will soften your skin with aloe and vitamins. 

Spascents hot tub & bath fragrance gift boxes 6 aromatherapy fragrances

Try SpaScents Hot Tub & Bath Fragrance 85g Gift Packs for a great variety, benefit from 6 different aromatherapy scents per pack. 


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