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Aromatherapy hanging herbs


Aromatherapy is a science of using pure plant essences for healing body, mind, and spirit. This is a science of smell which provides a direct gateway into the mood centers of the brain.The inhalation or olfaction of the essential oils sends a message to our central nervous system. By directly accessing this part of our brain the essential oils SpaScents utilizes has the ability to help with stress, relaxation and concentration.  






Smooth skin with moisturizers
Epson Salt


Epson salt scientifically known as hydrated magnesium sulfate has beneficial properties that can sooth the mind and body. Magnesium and sulfate are easily absorbed through the skin and are known to ease stress, improve sleep, reduce inflammation, arthritis and flush toxins. Epson salts aid in the skins appearance by drawing out oils and allowing the skins natural chemistry to balance.  

Relaxtion, meditation, theraputic


​Turn on some soft music and allow your mind and body to sink into a hot tub or bath with SpaScents fragrances, freeing itself of soreness, tension and stress. 

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