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Connecting with friends & family despite covid 19

In our current living situation with covid 19 we are all looking for ways to connect with those most important to us. I believe that hot tubing is a great way to unplug from technology and connect with our loved ones, now more than ever. Unfortunately most of us aren't able to connect with our friends and family so we've been looking for new what are we to do, use that technology that we are so often escaping from to... Have a virtual hot tub party!

Set a date and time with your fellow hot tub friends, grab you tablet, pour yourself a drink and add your favorite Spascent. Sit back relax and lose yourself in the natural flow of conversation with your friends as they sit in their hot tub and you yours. Besides being in different hot tubs enjoy the small slice of normalcy as you relax and forget about feeling isolated for just one night.

If you're looking for a fun way to invite your friends to a virtual hot tub party, consider sending them an 85g sample pouch of Spascents as the invitation. You can even pick a theme whether it be a beach side vacation with "Ocean", a coffee shop date with "French Vanilla", or maybe try our new Scents After Dark line and go "Skinny Dippin".

Post a picture of your hot tub party on Instagram or Facebook and tag us in the post for your chance to win a virtual hot tub party gift basket.

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