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SpaScents Profound Impact

SpaScents hot tub and bath fragrances offer a profound impact on your hot tub experience. Not only does SpaScents offer a pleasing aroma for your hot tub but they may be able to aid you with health problems.

Fragrances can have a profound influence on our mood. Our reactions to them are spontaneous and involuntary. Aromatherapy has healing capabilities and affect the entire wellness of the body mind and spirit. Inhalation of aromas can be particularly helpful in treating lung problems, cold, coughs, and even the flu.

As you may have figured out using SpaScents in your hot tub or bath is the perfect environment to achieve the benefits of aromatherapy. The fact that they cover up the unpleasant chemical odor that is sometimes present in a hot tub is just the icing on the cake.

If you’re not sure what the right scent is for you here is a list that may aid in your decision process;

Lavender & Jasmine - Anxiety

Eucalyptus - Cold or flu

Rose - Depression

Tangerine & Lavender - Insomnia

Spearmint - Migraine

Rose, Lavender & Jasmine - Stress

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